Raquel Dubois

Are you tired of hearing there's something wrong with you because you need to do business in a different way?

I will guide you through body-based processes to build capacity in your nervous system so you can hold more – MORE clients and MORE money – and stay true to yourself and your sensitivities.

Imagine if you could learn how to focus your energy in a way that is aligned to your nervous system, still get stuff done, and never feel depleted again.

I’m here to tell you it’s entirely possible to work less and do more.

Expansion training focuses on creating the appropriate container of safety and preparing your nervous system so you can go deeper into the core of yourself as a healer and a human and build your support structure from the inside out.

When the nervous system has been hijacked by stress and by survival energy, we need support to get back into our body and feel safe and available for connection again.

The body needs to be able to register safety cues so it can send appropriate messages to your brain about your environment. Your nervous system needs to be able to scan for safety as well as for threat.

Connecting your awareness to the sensations in your body facilitates the ability to return to safety when embodied. This is a gradual process, because most people are not used to feeling wholly safe when they connect to their body.

Nervous system habits are observed with curiosity, patience and love. Gentle steerage away from familiar but outdated nervous system habits help your nervous system reset to its original blueprint for wellbeing and aliveness.

Yes, everything is energy (I prefer everything is consciousness), but it's your nervous system that runs the show here on earth.

I love to get underneath everything to the root cause of what's going on for people. The realm of your unconscious is my comfort zone.

Whether you're a VIP client or in my group program, I help you understand your nervous system and others' nervous systems more deeply.

My group program is an essential component of my VIP package because we need to address trauma at the level of both individual AND collective consciousness. Often the larger group/community holds trauma in the collective field, and it is often collective trauma that is a hidden obstacle blocking our transformation and freedom.

The group program holds us all in a sacred container while we work on both individual and collective energetics. I teach service-based practitioners the importance of anchoring their awareness when working with clients, particularly when they work online. In the world of the internet, we tap into collective consciousness whether we intend to or not.

If you're finding it really difficult to practice what you preach and follow the advice you give your clients, I want you to give yourself a break.

All your 'symptoms' point to a nervous system issue that can be ironed out. You just need to start working FOR your nervous system, not against it.

When you develop an intimate relationship with your nervous system, you will be able to increase your tolerance for more exposure and visibility. You’ll never categorise yourself (or others) as introverts or extroverts ever again. You’ll understand that it comes down to how much space you have in your nervous system, and whether your nervous system is in a state of expansion or contraction.

I've helped my clients get their sales back on track and money flowing again after nervous system lockdown. For one client I uncovered she was sabotaging her success because she wasn't charging the full value of her service. We found that out through deep enquiry and tracking her nervous system. You need to do both.

Your nervous system holds all the secrets. I am your guide - your nervous system ‘whisperer’. By deep diving into your nervous system patterns, we allow them to reveal what you need to feel safe, embodied, and to show us how to get the outcome you desire - and the direction change needs to take.

"And I said to my body. Softly. 
‘I want to be your friend.’
It took a long breath.
And replied. 
‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’"

— Nayyirah Waheed

embodiment benefits

  • Heal from the effects of physically, emotionally, and spiritually traumatic events

  • Address childhood and developmental traumas (including in utero and preverbal traumas)

  • Re-connect and re-build intimacy

  • Create a foundation of inner safety and security

  • Re-shape your neural pathways to experience greater resilience and life satisfaction

  • Bounce back from ‘burnout’ and the cumulative daily traumas of life

  • Live fully in your values and integrity and contribute more authentically in the world

  • Share healing with your loved ones and your community

Measurable Benefits

  • Connect deeply to your body and your heart's wisdom

  • Embody your soul's gifts, and share them with the world without fear

  • Reclaim your inner voice and express your truth

  • Expand your intuitive and psychic abilities through experiencing deep connection with your nervous system (the physical seat of your intuition)

  • Re-discover your child-like sense of awe in your everyday existence and ordinary reality

  • Release shame, guilt, self-sabotaging and self-sacrificing behaviours

  • Eliminate burnout, stress and exhaustion

  • Address stubborn health issues

  • Nourish your body and soul through cultivating self-trust - more powerful than self-love

  • Let go your perfectionism without dropping your standards

  • Release anxiety

  • Stop mind-chatter and neutralise negative and critical thoughts

  • Honour and create life-affirming boundaries that allow you to feel safe

  • Embody self-compassion

  • Stop unnecessary over-giving and over-helping

  • Connect to your passions and affirm your soul purpose

  • Increase your tolerance for more exposure and visibility

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships

  • Treasure your life more deeply than you can imagine