Ask this powerful question


As a healer, therapist or coach, your clients look to you to make sense of their trauma.

When your clients ask for your support to get through a challenging life event, what do you say to them?

They have probably heard a lot of well-meaning advice from others who tried to help them. They may have been told - or even said this themselves: "What is the lesson in this?"

But think about this.

What if there are no 'lessons' in challenge and adversity? At least, not in the way our culture has taught us to respond to adversity. Our culture’s tendency is to respond from judgement, punishment, and sin.

But what if there is only one authentic response to life - in whatever form it shows up (good, bad, or otherwise)?

What if there is only one question: "Where is the love in this?"

As healing professionals, we are duty-bound to teach our clients a new inner dialogue that is more self-compassionate, less judgemental, and more loving.

So don’t ask them, “What do you think the lesson is from this tragic event?” or “What have you learned from this pain?”

Instead, teach them that there is no ‘lesson’ in difficult circumstances, only love.

Ask your clients, “Where is the love in this?”

Focusing on finding the love in whatever happens, helps us stay more humble, open, and willing to stay connected.