Brainspotting uses ordinary eye positions and facial reflexes to relieve traumatic stress. The process taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-healing ability through the optic nerve. When pure awareness (no judgment) softly rests in the sub-cortical structures in the deep brain, away from the analytical, problem-oriented neo-cortex, an innate healing capacity is awakened in the client's brain

When a Brainspot associated with a traumatic experience is touched upon, the sub-cortex appears to reflexively signal the therapist that the source of the problem has been found. Using this as a window to inner mental states, many traumas and symptoms can be rapidly relieved.

Well-Known Proponents of Brainspotting:

Dr. Norman Doidge (author of “The Brain That Changes Itself” and “The Brain’s Way of Healing”), and Dr. Robert Scaer (author of “The Body Bears the Burden” and “The Trauma Spectrum”) speak enthusiastically about Brainspotting and promote its effectiveness in extinguishing traumatic memories and the impact of traumatic stress.

The Science Behind How It Works:

Once a cue is located in the client’s body which corresponds to the stressful event, the ‘charge’ associated with that event is extinguished by deciding the eye position to focus in on the spot.

Through this process, the hyperarousal amygdala is down-regulated, and the client’s nervous system is re-set to homeostasis.

The Energetics Behind How It Works:

Brainspotting is bizarrely simple; its success relies on a profound attunement by the therapist to the client, and the therapist’s role as energetic ‘spaceholder’ for the client’s body wisdom to get to work. The healing takes place on a deep, right-brain to right-brain level - beyond language – in an implicit world where there are no words.


"I had an amazing Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing session with Raquel. It was during a period in my life that was really difficult, I was surviving on an hour to hour basis ~ because my life situation was triggering grief from the past such as my mother’s death as a teenager and also future fears for my father’s.

After the session, and an extremely deep sleep, I felt calm and a realignment back to my normal self. I could make rational decisions and felt more in tune with my intuition again.

I noticed also that I could look people comfortably & directly in the eye (something that was added later into the session) and a month later, an eye sight test proved that I have improved eyesight where I can drive without wearing glasses now.

I understand this was not the point of the session (which was more focused on the grief trauma I was experiencing) but there were so many unexpected and added benefits once my system returned to equilibrium.

Apart from the great benefits afterwards, I felt really held during the online session with Raquel. She was totally present for me the whole session, in tune with what I was experiencing and held a safe space for me, with no judgement. Total compassion. It’s a rare healer that stays so present & in tune and even more unusual that the healing held in my body & energy system.

Highly recommend Raquel to anyone who is going through trauma and looking to turn their life back around." ~ L.F. (holistic practitioner and medical intuitive)