Can Brainspotting be done online?

I've developed a specific method to do Brainspotting online, and I have also been trained in two other methods as part of the Brainspotting protocol, so there is plenty of flexibility. It helps if you have some awareness of your internal sensations, although it's possible to work around that too. We can do Brainspotting without any additional gear, but if you have headphones I can give you bilateral music tracks which amplify neural processing for most people. It's also worth buying some colourful stickers or stars to mark the spot, and I will send you a pointer for you to hold in sessions too. After a few sessions tracking the benefits and feeling the potential, clients usually buy their own safety goggles and make them into Brainspotting goggles. That's all you need to do Brainspotting the same way as it's done in-person.