Can I exchange or swap my services for sessions?

I don’t swap with anyone, even if I want their service. First and foremost, my job is to create a safe container for you to do your work. It's too difficult for me to do my job if I have to maintain the boundary of an exchange while giving a session. The exchange arrangement becomes an additional thing in the container, and an unnecessary complication that makes it harder for me to do my job. By it's very nature, trauma is a physical boundary breach, so we need to start with good boundaries, otherwise we are setting the stage for traumatic re-enactment. That places more demand on the client’s nervous system and is uncomfortable for the client as well as for me. Clients need me to hold as much of the traumatic event as necessary to protect them from being overwhelmed (and re-traumatised). If I’m taking care of fiscal boundaries, I'm not fully with my client, ensuring their safety and taking care of the process.