Nervous System Expansion

Expand your nervous system capacity in 7 steps

When the nervous system has been hijacked by stress and survival fears, a body-oriented perspective helps people get back in their bodies and feel safe and connected again.


We begin our work together by setting conditions for safety. I create a safe container so your body feels safe to heal and transform. Change takes courage, and to change, your body needs to be able to notice internal safety cues so it can send you appropriate messages about your environment.


Next I facilitate an experience of safe embodiment by helping you gently connect your awareness to the sensations in your body. This is a gradual process, as most people are not used to feeling wholly safe when they connect to their body. You will be energetically held in a process that creates the conditions for the calming of the fight/flight responses of your sympathetic nervous system. The process is not rushed or forced. Your nervous system habits are observed with curiosity, patience, and love. I offer you gentle steerage away from familiar nervous system tendencies and suggest new patterns of automatic behaviour to help your nervous system restore itself to its original blueprint for wellbeing and natural aliveness.


The whole sequence and steps will be presented here shortly.

We are currently restructuring our services and updated information will be available in September, 2019.

Sessions are conducted either online or at my clinic in North Brisbane. Somatic Experiencing® and Brainspotting is integrated with interpersonal neurobiology, attachment psychotherapy, family systems therapy, family constellations, psychodrama, energy medicine and touchwork. Focusing on nervous system regulation organically creates more resilience, flexibility and space in the whole body-mind-energy system and can be tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

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