Wisdom of the Body



"Raquel is truly a gift! Her expertise in navigating the nervous system and helping to build capacity while healing stored trauma is quite mind blowing! The sessions I have had with Raquel have created deep healing while teaching me how to continue the process of healing for myself. I have found Raquel to be empowering, compassionate and invested in my return to full health, all while holding space for my complete healing effortlessly - to the point that I often found hard to pinpoint exactly how she was working her magic! I highly recommend Raquel to anyone who has a need to clear, heal and develop their nervous system strength and resilience." ~ R.C.


Expansion from the bottom-up

Working with your body is a powerful way of tuning into what gives your life meaning. It is also the most direct way of showing you what is getting in the way of living life the way you are meant to.

I mentor holistic practitioners and heart-centred entrepreneurs to embody their brilliance and create space in their nervous system for infinite possibilities.

My mission is to support you to be your authentic self in an ever-changing, and sometimes disconnected world.

I integrate somatic techniques with cutting-edge developments in interpersonal neurobiology to deliver a tailor-made process for you, your body, and in accordance with your soul plan.

Although most clients have goals for our work together, they are often pleasantly surprised by what they feel interested in when they get more space in their nervous system. Surrendering to the organic impulses of the nervous system allows spontaneity to be expressed without 'shoulds' or 'should nots' getting in the way of intuitive guidance and 'higher' intelligence/wisdom.

Past clients have felt impulses and spontaneous readiness to:

  • connect more deeply with their body

  • create an intimate partnership

  • start a book-writing project

  • allow their body to heal

  • use their voice to express themselves authentically

  • re-claim their power from a disempowering relationship/situation

  • share their gifts without fear or shame

  • embody their intuition more deeply

  • create a sustainable business

  • expand their capacity to hold more wealth, and help more clients

Through the process of connecting to their nervous system, an expanded awareness of themselves becomes known, and clients discover that the worries that used to keep them awake at night become non-issues. They find they have energy to fully align to their purpose and gifts, and to create a life of infinite possibilities beyond their wildest imagination.

Sessions take place in-person or online, in a sacred energetic container, where I hold the intention for your body to awaken and re-member its innate, regulated nervous system state. I guide you to connect to the wisdom of your body, and facilitate an extraordinary transformation where you experience your highest potential and brilliance.