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In this webinar I will guide you through the steps to feel your nervous system in a way I guarantee you will not have experienced before. Sign up here to get out of your head and tune into your body, so you can become magnetic to EVERYTHING you want more of. If you want to find out more, click here.

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Is self-sabotage driving you nuts?

Can't stick to ANYTHING?

Eating junk, avoiding posting on social media, a dozen unfinished courses? Spending hours on Netflix, not following up on calls and sabotaging your sales?

Are you worried you'll never finish ANYTHING?

You may have figured out that the problem lies in your belief that staying small means that you can't lose. But what did you do about it? To be fair, what COULD you do about it?

If you're finding it really difficult to follow the advice you give your clients, give yourself a break.

All those 'symptoms' point to a nervous system issue that can be ironed out. You just need to start working FOR your nervous system, not against it.

I've helped my VIP clients get their sales back on track and money flowing again. For one clients I uncovered that she was sabotaging her success because she wasn't charging the full value of her service. Incredible to believe, but she was resenting people when they didn't take up what she was offering because they couldn't see it was a bargain. She thought they didn't see her value, was frustrated by that and was pushing away sales. I found that out through both deep enquiry and tracking her nervous system. You need to do both.

Yes, everything is energy (I prefer everything is consciousness), but it's your nervous system that runs the show here on earth.

I love to solve problems and to get right underneath what's really going on for people.

Whether you're a VIP client or in my group program, I help you understand your nervous system and others' nervous systems more deeply. My group program is an essential component of my VIP package because we need to address trauma at the level of both individual AND collective consciousness. The group program holds us all in a sacred container while we work on both energetics. I teach practitioners to anchor their awareness in the 'Collective' while working with individual clients, particularly when they work online.


Embodiment Benefits

  • Heal from the effects of physically, emotionally, and spiritually traumatic events

  • Address childhood and developmental traumas (including in utero and preverbal traumas)

  • Re-connect and re-build intimacy

  • Create a foundation of inner safety and security

  • Re-shape your neural landscape to experience greater resilience and life satisfaction

  • Bounce back from ‘burnout’ and the cumulative daily traumas of life

  • Live fully in your values and integrity and contribute more authentically in the world

  • Share healing with your loved ones and your community


The 'Missing' Nervous System Piece Most Doctors Aren't Taught...

When our nervous systems are not mature enough to cope with what life throws at us, we end up disconnected from our bodies (our 3D compass). Losing connection to our body means we lose the wisdom it can offer us to support our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Have you consulted with dozens of energy healers, psychologists, therapists of all kinds, and not found a solution to your problem? Spent thousands of dollars trying to find someone who can help you? Most of my clients tell me they've been searching for years... Then they find me.

I've been combining energy work with the physical body and helping people change their state of consciousness to move out of the cycle of pain and suffering since I was twelve years old.

I offer a true mind-body healing experience, based on my training in psychology, energy medicine, anatomy, and neurobiology.

The process I use is based on cutting-edge neuroscience, originally created to overcome traumatic stress states. I integrate this process with energy healing methods to facilitate a change in consciousness. 

Using your nervous system as an entry point, we by-pass your conscious mind and its obstacles to your healing. Unlike 'talk' therapy, we follow your body and not your story.


Benefits and Changes you can Measure:

  • Connect deeply to your body and your heart's wisdom

  • Embody your soul's gifts, and share them with the world without fear

  • Reclaim your inner voice and express your truth

  • Expand your intuitive and psychic abilities through experiencing deep connection with your nervous system (the physical seat of your intuition)

  • Re-discover your child-like sense of awe in your everyday existence and ordinary reality

  • Release shame, guilt, self-sabotaging and self-sacrificing behaviours

  • Eliminate burnout, stress and exhaustion

  • Address stubborn health issues

  • Nourish your body and soul through cultivating self-trust - more powerful than self-love

  • Let go your perfectionism without dropping your standards

  • Release anxiety

  • Stop mind-chatter and neutralise negative and critical thoughts

  • Honour and create life-affirming boundaries that allow you to feel safe

  • Embody self-compassion

  • Stop unnecessary over-giving and over-helping

  • Connect to your passions and affirm your soul purpose

  • Increase your tolerance for more exposure and visibility

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships

  • Treasure your life more deeply than you can imagine


How Does It Work?

We work with your physical body first, because it is denser than your other energetic bodies. Compared with the physical body, the mental, emotional and auric bodies are less dense, and easier to change. When dis-ease and distress is already manifest in the physical body, this is the most difficult - and most important - level to start with.

It's easier to allow changes to filter bottom up through all the layers of consciousness, than go top down. There is increasingly more resistance as we move down from the mental realm into the physical body. So we start at the bottom, the densest layer of consciousness. This is also the level of the implicit, so there are few words. That means your mind can't get in the way of your healing. Because even though your mind tries to be helpful, it often causes you to feel stuck. Your body needs your mind out of the way. Once your physical body is on-board with the new process, permanent change happens almost effortlessly in all the layers of consciousness, because there is less resistance as we move up.

You learn to embody wholesome and pleasurable experiences for long lasting change. You also find a way to meet, process, and integrate experiences held in the body that perpetuate the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that have been keeping you stuck, and stopping you from sharing your gifts with the world.


"And I said to my body. Softly. 
‘I want to be your friend.’
It took a long breath.
And replied. 
‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’"

— Nayyirah Waheed (poet)

Trauma Prevention

Knowing a definition of 'trauma' is the first step in preventing traumatic symptoms. Although we can't avoid traumatic events (we're living, breathing human beings, right?), we can prevent the impact of traumatic incidents. To do that, it's helpful to know that 'trauma' is not in the event per se, but rather, it is "ANY event that overwhelms the capacity of a person's nervous system."

Preventing the symptoms of trauma involves increasing the capacity of a person's autonomic nervous system*. When you increase nervous system capacity, a traumatised person experiences themselves as more resilient than they felt in the past. One way I do this is by creating repeated successful 'experiments' for the body in sessions. Repeated experiences of 'success' helps the brain and the unconscious mind 'learn' they have a better chance of surviving 'well' than in the past. Although the person survived their trauma, from the perspective of the person's nervous system, they felt overwhelmed. So you can also say that 'trauma' is the nervous system's attempt to re-experience the traumatic event more successfully than just pure physiological survival.

Traumatic symptoms can include:

  • Hyper-sensitivity - especially to light, sound and chemicals
  • Exhaustion, chronic fatigue (CFS), or very low physical energy
  • Feeling stuck
  • Worrying about being persecuted, judged, or attacked if you become more visible and express yourself/your 'truth'
  • Panic attacks, anxiety and phobias
  • Trying to manage and manipulate the environment to avoid overwhelm
  • Mental blankness or spaciness, losing track of time
  • Attraction to dangerous situations
  • Abrupt mood swings; e.g., rage reactions or temper tantrums, shame
  • Exaggerated or diminished sexual activity
  • Inability to love, nurture, or bond with other individuals
  • Hypervigilance
  • Inability to settle, feeling 'on' all the time
  • Hyperactivity, bursts of energy to get things done in unrealistic time periods
  • Forgetfulness, feeling like your brain is full
  • Exaggerated emotional and startle responses
  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia
  • Depression, feelings of impending doom
  • Diminished interest in life
  • Reduced ability to deal with stress and to formulate plans
  • Immune system problems and endocrine problems such as thyroid dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • IBS, colitis, and digestive issues
  • Migraines, neck problems and persistent headaches
  • Severe premenstrual syndrome

*the autonomic nervous system is comprised of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and involves the brain, brain stem, spine, and all the nerves in this system which ennervate the entire physical body, including the gut.


"In order to help fight/flight/freeze responses to come to an end, you need to work with people's bodily responses.

You need to help their body feel like it's over."

— Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD; Trauma clinician and independent researcher


What Happens in a Session?

There are often no words for what happens in a session because we work below the level of the unconscious mind - sometimes deep within the sub-cortical structures of the brain.

The words clients most often use to describe their sessions are "magical" and "organic". That's because the process is tailored to you and your circumstances. The focus of our work together is embodiment and embodying change, and because our aim is to create change at every level, I integrate many different techniques and processes into your session.

One of the things we do together is to notice (track) body sensations in a mindful way, in order to enhance awareness of things that are just beyond the conscious mind. It's an effective way of connecting with the unconscious, and letting unconscious/repressed traumatic material spontaneously arise for healing and completion.

Another important part of the process is how we relate to each other - and a big part of that happens below conscious awareness. Our brains and bodies already know the way to experience deep attunement with another nervous system, and it is in the somewhat magical arena of 'energy' and 'attachment' that our bodies and brains get in sync, and the process begins filtering through from the bottom level - where the implicit body memories are held. 

My role is to open the space for healing and support you in that liminal space so that your body can do the work of transforming yourself.

I can work with you on any issue - you don't even have to know what it is. I'm like a bloodhound when it comes to my clients, one whiff of an issue and I'm off on the hunt to get your body to reveal what's going on at the level of pure energy and reveal what your body wants to tell you. Then I facilitate you to experience - through your body, brain, mind, emotions and energy - exactly what you need to heal and transform the issue through all the levels of consciousness - including making concrete changes in your reality.

We end with you fully integrating the shift into your conscious mind...allowing new meanings, intentions and ways of being in the world to organically arise for you.