How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required to change a person's nervous system and restore regulatory capacity varies, according to individual nervous systems and life experience. Most clients notice changes from their first session. We are working to change fundamental physical patterns that may have been in place since you were very young (maybe even before you were born), we are re-building your system from the bottom up, and that takes time. The process is meticulous, nuanced, and specialised. That’s because when it comes to working with the nervous system, “slow is fast, and fast is slow”. This means that the harder you push for results, the more your nervous system will resist. It’s not because the nervous system is stubborn, it’s because it is a highly sensitive measure of safety. We usually have to hang back and give the nervous system lots of space so it feels safe enough to change. Not safety that’s influenced or understood by your mind, but physiological safety your conscious mind can’t control. Finally, the goals you have for this work will influence the time it takes. Until I ascertain the goals for our work together and experience your nervous system pattern first-hand, I can’t comment upon the number of sessions you will need.