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"I have done talk therapy, CBT, tapping, many methods of energy healing, journalling, mindfulness and meditations, but the only thing that shifted my flight/fight/freeze pattern has been Somatic Experiencing®. In the short time we have been working together, I have shifted so much, I have made a significant impact on my chronic fatigue, my anxiety attacks and my inability to 'ignore' baiting from my abuser. It has been so wonderful - after literally almost 20 years of trying so many different methods and 4 years of extreme distress, I can't sing the praises of the work you do highly enough!"

- S.T. 

"My eyes are still rolling around in my head after my session with Raquel. I'd worked in this issue in all kinds of ways, and though we made dents in it, it still remained stuck. Raquel tackled it with gentleness and guided me to that major 'a-ha' where I could see the decisions I made around being successful and having things work out for me."

- D.L.

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"After the session I felt like I had transcended and felt extremely expanded energetically. It also seemed like an aspect of my intuition that had been dormant for a while switched itself back on and has remained active since the session. I highly recommend working with Raquel as a skilled therapist who combines theory with practice in a nurturing, patient and calming manner that helps people anchor their awareness more fully into their bodies."

- N.M.

"I can't tell you how amazing I feel! I've been so
grounded, and have been able to stay in my body
SO much more! I feel content, and patient, and
at peace - I haven't felt this way for years!"

- A.C.

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 "It should seriously be a mandatory requirement of being a healer/energy worker to have regular sessions with this woman. The process itself is so gentle and organic and the results are still rolling through. Absolutely incredible. Every single one of you should book in a session ASAP."

- C.H.

"I have tried many, many different types of therapy over the years to try to ease my mental and emotional pain, and physical discomfort. At a time of great distress, I sought out an SE therapist who I could work with through the official SE website. I was drawn to Raquel from the beginning.

Raquel’s manner is one of an intuitive, empathetic, highly skilled professional. She identified my main issues on my first appointment in such a precise, clinical way, that in itself made me relax, as I had finally met someone who ‘got’ me on such a deep level, that I had never experienced before. For me, working with Raquel is like being really seen for the first time."

- M.J.



"Raquel helped reset my nervous system after unexplained seizures, attempted home invasion, social anxiety, and constant baseline stress levels. I used to freeze and get stuck, but now I’m in tune with my body and nervous system, I feel empowered and am showing up in my life and business – confident and courageous, with healthy boundaries!

Raquel helped me notice the signals, read the signs, and change the patterns - it's been life changing!"

- C.M.

”I have been quietly trying to heal my sexual abuse trauma for many years through many modalities - both traditional and metaphysical. Raquel’s expertise and insightfulness as a trauma therapist, combined with her peaceful calming nature and depth of understanding of our energetic body is nothing short of miraculous. Her approach, with its subtlety and gentleness, provided the tenderness and space required for the healing of deep traumatic experiences. My capacity to hold my light, body wisdom and energy has evolved beyond my imaginings. Raquel is an unparalleled holder of compassionate space and is my trauma healing angel.”

- M.F.


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"After working with Raquel for about 6 months, one day I came off stage with a strange and unfamiliar feeling. I realised that I’d had absolutely no fear, before or during the performance. This wasn’t a one-off experience – I’ve repeated it many times since. My nervous system no longer believes that I will be eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger if I open my mouth in public. At last, I’m free!"

- A.B.