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Embodied Presence Training Webinar

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How do you Expand Your Nervous System Capacity and Become Magnetic to Infinite Possibilities?

The answer is not with your thoughts. They are only one part of the secret. There’s a huge difference between talking ABOUT the body, and being IN your body, and there’s an art to facilitating safe embodiment that I’ve spent years learning and teaching. When you feel safe and embodied at the level of your nervous system, any glitches you have manifesting in 3D reality can be ironed out.

So when you think about, expanding your nervous system capacity and becoming magnetic to EVERYTHING you want more of, do you now sense the answer can’t be worked out by your mind?

It’s best discovered and experienced by your body by attending my upcoming webinar.

The Details

Thursday 19th September 2019
11am AEST
via ZOOM

I will guide you through the steps to feel your nervous system in a way I guarantee you will not have experienced before.

You may have experienced something similar but it’s been energetic, using visualisation or meditation techniques. True embodiment is more tangible than that. You have to get fully 3D to manifest in 3D.

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I’m going to to share practical tools from my medicine bag of magic. I promise the webinar will be deliver the value my masterclasses are known for.

Participants will be guided through experiential embodiment processes they can feel deep in their nervous system. If you attend live, I will be able to interact with your nervous system in present time and the process will be even more powerful for you.