What Happens in a Session?

There are often no words for what happens in a session because we work below the conscious mind - sometimes deep within the sub-cortical structures of the brain.

The words clients most often use to describe their sessions are "magical" and "organic". That's because the process is tailored to you and your circumstances. The focus of the work is embodiment and embodying change, and because our aim is to create change at every level (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic), many different techniques and processes are integrated into your session.

How Does It Work?

We work with your physical body first, because it is denser than your other bodies and is the least responsive to change. When dis-ease and distress is already manifest in the physical body, this is the most difficult - and most important - level to start with. Once the physical body is on board, healing work at other levels of consciousness can actually hold.

It's easier to allow changes to filter up through all the layers of consciousness, than go from the top down. This is the level of the implicit, so there are few words. Giving primacy to the body means your mind can't get in the way of your healing. Because even though your mind tries to be helpful, it often causes you to feel stuck. Your body needs your mind out of the way. Once your physical body is on-board with the new process, permanent change happens almost effortlessly in all the layers of consciousness, because there is less resistance as we move up.

One of the things we do together is to notice (track) body sensations in a mindful way, in order to enhance awareness of things that are beyond awareness. It's an effective way of connecting with the unconscious, and letting unconscious/repressed traumatic material spontaneously arise for healing and completion.

Right Brain to Right Brain Interpersonal Neurobiology

Another important part of the process is how we relate to each other - and much of that happens below conscious awareness. Our brains and bodies already know the way to experience deep attunement with another nervous system, and it is in the somewhat magical arena of 'energy' and 'attachment' that our bodies and brains get in sync, and the process begins filtering through from the bottom level - where the implicit body memories are held. 

My role is to open the space for healing and support you in this liminal space so that your body can do the work of transforming yourself.

Restoring Connection to Pleasure

You learn to embody wholesome and pleasurable experiences for long lasting change. You also find a way to meet, process, and integrate experiences held in the body that perpetuate the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that have been keeping you stuck, and stopping you from sharing your gifts with the world.

Changing Meaning-Making and Perception

We end with you fully integrating the shift into your conscious mind...allowing new meanings, intentions and ways of being in the world to organically arise for you.