Some people find it helpful to connect briefly beforehand to work out if I am the right person to support them to facilitate the transformation they seek.

If this is you, I offer a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation to help you decide if we are a good fit for each other. These short consultations are for you to ask me questions about our potential work together, but are not a sample session.

You will have already decided you want to get specialist help to transform your body-mind. You will be interested in taking a nervous system perspective and working directly with your body.

* Due to the nature of these consultations, I am unable to diagnose or comment specifically on your nervous system presentation.

Availability for these appointments is on Thursdays only, and is very limited. Please first check the FAQs to see if your question is there. If you have a question which can possibly be answered via email, you may wish to consider doing this, as you will get an earlier response.

Please use the form below to ask me a question, or to request a 15-minute introductory consultation.


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